Taiwanese actors Lego Lee and Summer Meng are both nominated for Best Actor and Best Actress respectively at the upcoming Golden Bell Awards, thanks to their roles in drama Wake Up 2.

It is the first nomination for the both of them, and Summer laughingly declared that she must be the most beautiful celebrity on the red carpet that night. "I don't know for sure if I will get to go on stage to receive an award, but I will be walking the red carpet for sure!" she explained.

To prepare for the show, Summer has been working out and controlling her diet in order to make sure she will look her best on the red carpet. She added that she is looking forward to a very fun Golden Bell Awards show this year as her fiancé Mickey Huang is the host. "We don't discuss the event, but I know I will be joked about on that day!" she laughed.

Despite competing with his co-star Jag Huang for the same award for his role in the same drama, Lego said that if Jag were to win Best Actor instead, he would be very happy and may even cry tears of joy for him.

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