Summer Meng attended a promotional event for an Italian fashion brand in Taipei on April 18.

This was her first public appearance since the death of her younger brother in March this year, and despite the recent family tragedy, the Taiwanese actress maintained her professionalism and a cheerful attitude.

Previously, Summer had shared several photos of paintings on her Instagram page. She explained that they were her brother's artworks that he did not get to complete before he passed away, so she helped him to finish them. 

"Whenever I was painting, I imagined that my brother was there by my side," she shared. "I plan to hold an art exhibition in September to put his paintings on display."

Summer then said that although she is grateful for the support from everybody during this tough period, she respectfully requested for people to stop comforting her. "I am afraid that I will lose control of my emotions," she said, tears welling up in her eyes.

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