Taiwanese actress Summer Meng attended the launch event for a line of crystal jewellery in Taipei on November 14.

She shared that Christmas is her favourite holiday, and that when she was a child, her family would put up a Christmas tree in the house, and her father would even dress up as Santa Claus. "Now, my fiancé Mickey Huang is chubby enough to dress up as Santa - he doesn't even need a fake belly!" she joked.

When asked about what gifts they plan to get for each other over the holiday season, Summer gushed that she and Mickey always know what the other wants, even without discussing it. "For instance, he once bought me a piece of art from Joan Cornellà, an artist I've admired for a long time but never told him about before! We really have similar thinking."

Summer then shared that she intends to buy a crystal elf figurine for Mickey for Christmas, because, "It really looks like him with a hat on!"

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