Taiwanese actress Summer Meng (a.k.a. soon-to-be Mrs. Mickey Huang) reportedly looked a little tired during her public appearance at a luxury watch brand’s press conference in Taipei yesterday (Jul 17). However, it wasn’t a result of preparing for her upcoming nuptials.

The 27-year-old is set to hold an art exhibition in her late brother’s memory later this year, so she has been painting for about 10 hours a day and getting only four to five hours of sleep.

In addition, the harmful paint fumes have taken a toll on her body, so she woke up that morning with a bad headache. “Please don’t follow my example,” she said.

Because she’s been so occupied with getting ready for the exhibition, Summer admitted that she’s barely had much time to discuss about the wedding with her fiancé.

“I can’t even give my friends an answer when they ask me about the date,” she sighed. “I feel so bad handing over all the work to him, but as soon as the exhibition is over, we will talk about the wedding. I just hope we don’t get into any fights!”

That said, Summer already has some ideas about her big day. For instance, she hopes to only wear one dress from start to finish. “Having to change between three outfits for the photo shoot and two outfits for the ceremony just sounds way too troublesome,” she said.

As for the theme of the banquet, she wants something “a little unusual” and artistic, although it may be hard to implement. She also expressed her wish to honeymoon at a place where she can see the northern lights, and said that she will let nature take its course when it comes to starting a family.

Photos: TPG, Facebook/Mickey Huang