Summer Meng bids tearful goodbye to her younger brother

The actress’s younger brother is believed to have committed suicide last month


Taiwanese actress Summer Meng’s younger brother was reportedly found dead at home on March 20. The 24-year-old’s body was discovered by his family, and he is believed to have committed suicide.

Yesterday (April 1), Summer, as well as her sister and parents held a goodbye memorial concert for him. The family chose to hold a quiet memorial ceremony that was not open to the public.

Summer was seen entering the memorial hall at noon that day, with Summer’s fiancé, Taiwanese host Mickey Huang arriving an hour later. Close to a hundred friends and family were also seen entering to pay their respects.

The memorial hall played a short video of Summer’s brother, edited by Summer and her older sister, along with his favourite rock music. Cola and beer was offered to the guests, so that they could raise their glasses in a toast to him.


After the memorial ceremony, Summer’s older sister shared that they hope for everyone to wish him well on his journey, instead of feeling sad for his passing. Summer, who was visibly emotional, added that many of those who were close to him had berated themselves for being unable to help him. However, she hoped for everyone to stop feeling that way. She added that right now, she only hopes for his happiness.

In his eulogy, Summer’s dad said, “Are you happy now? I believe that you’re happy now, throughout these few days, you’re always looking serene. There’s no need to worry any longer, feel free to soar. Though you’ve chosen to depart earlier, I hope that in our next lives, we can still be together forever. The Meng family that you love will always love you. I would also like to thank all your friends, especially those who were there for him during these painful few years. I hope everyone will cherish their lives, and live well.”.

When reached for a comment, Mickey said, “Thank you for your concern, It was a very moving scene. Ultimately, it was filled with wishes for the departed to go in peace. The rest of us are all taking it well.”

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