Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin and Chinese supermodel Sui He attended a special exhibition celebrating the 41st anniversary of Taiwanese luxury fashion house Shiatzy Chen in Taipei on May 9.

Ruby, a long-time friend of the brand, specially took leave from filming in Malaysia to fly back to Taiwan to support the founder Wang Chen Tsai Hsia. “Ruby has always been supporting me,” she gushed. “She is a classic beauty so I love to see her wearing our brand.”

Sui He, who was visiting Taiwan for about three to four days, shared that she was looking forward to exploring the city’s night markets. “I am from Wenzhou, and I heard that our dietary habits are similar with Taiwan’s,” she said. “I am open to trying anything except spicy food. I also heard that the coffee in Taiwan is very special, so I want to visit cafes as well.”

Photos: TPG

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