Story of Yanxi Palace stars Wu Jinyan, Qin Lan to play sisters in new drama

‘Through the Generations’ (tentative title) will also feature Anna Fang, Nie Yuan, and Zhang Nan.


Screenwriter Yu Zheng has been on a roll following the success of the 2018 hit period drama, Story of Yanxi Palace, which saw widespread success and catapulted a number of its cast members, including actress Wu Jinyan and homegrown actor Lawrence Wong, to superstardom.

Since then, Yu Zheng has been behind a number of upcoming drama projects, some of which have premiered this year, including The Legend of Haolan and Happiness Will Knock at Your Door. Both dramas have featured stars from Story of Yanxi Palace.

On Wednesday (Oct 23), a launch ceremony was held for Yu Zheng’s latest work, a drama tentatively titled Through the Generations in English. The drama, which takes place in the 1920s, will star Jinyan, as well as her Story of Yanxi Palace co-stars, Qin Lan, Anna Fang, and Nie Yuan.


Fans were especially excited to see that Jinyan and Qin Lan will be acting alongside each other once again. This time, they will be playing sisters, with The Legend of Haolan actress Zhang Nan joining them as their youngest sister.

Through the Generations’ main storyline is said to have been adapted from a novel, and will focus on the three sisters played by Qin Lan, Jinyan and Zhang Nan, who grew up in an upper-class family. Despite the turmoil of the time period they grew up in, the siblings will strive to realise their father’s wish of running a prosperous business to better the country, overcoming all the difficulties that stand in their way together.

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