Story of Yanxi Palace’s Wu Jinyan is starring in JJ Lin’s latest MV

This is also Jinyan's first time participating in the filming of a music video.


Homegrown singer JJ Lin will be releasing the music video for his new song, ‘The Story of Us’ online at 6PM today (January 1).

The music video stars JJ, along with Chinese actress Wu Jinyan, best known for playing the role of Wei Yingluo in the Chinese period drama, Story of Yanxi Palace.

Jinyan, who had previously shared that she is a big fan of JJ, expressed her excitement at being able to work with the singer. She explained, “As a fan of JJ who has liked his music for a very long time, I’m extremely happy to be able to participate in the shoot. This is also my first time filming a music video."

As it turns out, JJ personally invited Jinyan to star in the music video as he felt that she would be able to bring out the character of the female lead the best.

“Through her acting, Jinyan was able to portray the hidden feelings that my lyrics did not convey. I’m really thankful and I hope that the fans will be able to experience the story that we hope to bring across (in the music video),” JJ said, adding that Jinyan's acting chops are so good that she is able to express her emotions with her eyes alone.


The music video’s plot tells the story of a couple’s intertwined fates in two different lifetimes: one in ancient times, and the other in the modern era.

The characters first start out in the ancient era. Jinyan plays the immortal Jade Hare, who had made a big sacrifice in order to save the life of JJ’s character who had nursed her back to health. However, as a result of her sacrifice, she was unable to say a final farewell. Thus, their story in that era had a bittersweet conclusion.

However, the scene soon changes, with JJ’s character having been reincarnated into the present time. He is shown standing in front of a classical Chinese painting, depicting the story of the Jade Hare repaying a debt of gratitude. Soon after, Jinyan’s character, who had been reincarnated as well, steps out to stand beside JJ, showing that they had managed to meet each other once again in this lifetime.

Photos: PBE Media

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