‘Story of Yanxi Palace’ actress suffers second-degree burns after cupping session goes wrong

Deng Sha’s doctor says that the injuries will definitely leave scars.

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*Ed’s note: The uncensored photo of her wound is at the bottom of the story. The photo might be disturbing to some.*

Chinese actress Deng Sha, who played Wei Ying Ning in Story of Yanxi Palace, has suffered second-degree burns on eight per cent of her body from a cupping session gone wrong.

A post uploaded on her Weibo account on December 14 began with the warning, “The following photos might be disturbing to some”. She then shared that she felt unwell after a hard day of work in the wee hours of December 9, and decided to go for a massage and cupping session at an unnamed spa in Beijing.

Cupping therapy is a traditional form of therapy where the therapist puts a flammable substance in a cup, setting it on fire, before removing it and suctioning the cup onto the skin. The practice, which is generally thought of as safe, ended up giving Deng Sha such terrible burns that the doctor warned that her skin will definitely be scarred.

In the photos, the actress’ skin red and peeling, with pus and blisters on several spots on her back.

The 34-year-old wrote, “There are some points I want to highlight to everyone. One, tie up your hair if you have long hair. Otherwise, your hair might catch fire and end up burning your face. Secondly, you need to stay calm and deal with accidents rationally. You can’t rely on others to stay calm in emergencies, so you have to be sure that you use common sense to handle the situation.”

She continued, “If the flammable substance catches fire while it’s on you, use a wet towel or cloth to extinguish the fire. Use cold water to treat the burn area as soon as you can. The doctor said that this is the most effective solution, and the parts that I didn’t treat with cold water ended up with blisters. Lastly, you have to apply burn-aid onto the wound. The doctor said that toothpaste and medicated oil are of no use. After which, go to the nearest hospital for treatment.”

While her wounds are still healing, the doctor is still unable to advise how severe the scarring will be, although he has mentioned the parts that suffered the worst burns will definitely leave marks. Her next checkup will be in three weeks, and she will only know the extent of the damage then.

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Photos: Deng Sha/Weibo

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