Steven Cheung to welcome his second child seven months after first becoming a dad

The singer was caught up in a scandal earlier this year as he was reportedly dating several women at once


Hong Kong singer Steven Cheung, who is a member of the pop duo Boyz, was caught up in controversy in July this year after announcing his intention to marry model Au Man Man. In the same post, the 35-year-old also shared that the couple had a baby son together.

The move shocked many, as Steven previously revealed that he is in a relationship with another woman, April Leung. After April expressed her confusion and bewilderment on her Instagram, four other women came forward, sharing that they were “in a relationship” with Steven at the same time as well.

Steven later apologised for the scandal, and promised to turn over a new leaf. However, his image has taken a hit and has yet to recover. The singer then went on hiatus, and was last reported to be doing odd jobs at a hotel in order to support his family.


On November 18, Man Man took to her Instagram to share a cryptic late-night update, posting a picture of Steven with their baby son.

“I haven’t been able to eat anything these few days… I don’t have the strength to do anything at all. It’s been hard on you, having to take care of me and our son. You’ve had it tough, only being able to eat the leftovers that I couldn’t finish, having to cook so much for me in a day, and accommodating my temper and complaints. In a few months… let’s all work hard together,” she wrote.

Steven later left a comment on her post, writing, “I really have to work hard. Otherwise, I won’t be able to carry two (kids), I love you!”.

After seeing Steven’s comment, netizens quickly guessed that Man Man was pregnant with their second child. Some also expressed their surprise at the news, noting that Man Man had only given birth seven months ago.

According to an source close to the couple, Man Man is indeed pregnant with the couple’s second child. However, as she has yet to pass the first trimester, the couple decided not to make an official announcement for the time being.

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