Stephy Tang has admitted that she and her boyfriend, singer-actor Prince Chiu, have had no time to date recently because of their busy schedules.

The singer-actress was speaking to reporters in Hong Kong on May 26, during an interview on the set of her upcoming film The Shadows (tentative title), in which she plays a psychiatrist who is able to tap into the subconscious minds of others. Because of the complicated and emotionally heavy role, she has been experiencing exhaustion and mood swings.

“We haven’t been able to spend much time with each other, but he’s been very understanding because he recently took on a very heavy role as well,” she shared. “And before I started filming, I warned him that this character might affect my mood in real life too.”

When someone pointed out that Stephy had appeared to have lost some weight, she responded, “A lot of people have actually said that to me, and I find it strange because my eating habits have not changed at all. Perhaps it’s a result of my dark mood from filming.” She added that she also thinks that Prince is a little too skinny right now, and hopes that he will be able to put on some weight.

When asked if she bought a lot of copies of Prince’s new photo book to show her support, Stephy said, “He told me that his friends bought so many copies that there are hardly anymore stocks left, so I won’t get any for myself, but I will buy some to give to my family members.”

Photos: TPG