Stephen Fung calls Nicholas Tse a “miser” on ‘Chef Nic’

The Hong Kong film director was featured as a celebrity guest on a recent episode of the Chinese food travelogue show hosted by Nicholas

stephen fung

Chinese food travelogue show Chef Nic stars Hong Kong singer Nicholas Tse as a main host, with different celebrity guests invited onto the show in each episode.

On a most recent episode aired on February 17, renowned Hong Kong actor and film director Stephen Fung was invited onto the show to star alongside the singer, a friend he knew from the industry.

The crew flew to Norway for the shoot and had some hiccups along the way when a heavy snowfall cancelled plane flights, leaving filming equipment stranded in the airport.

Left with no other choice, the production team started filming the show with their personal phones, causing Stephan to call Nicholas a “miser” as he jokingly offered to provide one of his two phones for the shoot as well.

“We can always earn money again, why are you being such a miser?” the 43-year-old director said, poking fun of the situation.

Later, the atmosphere turned awkward when Stephen firmly denied the possibility of Nicholas starring in his future films, saying it was “impossible” and leaving the singer stunned.

After the show, Stephen took to Weibo on February 18 to share his thoughts and expressed his wish for the production crew to be more prepared if he was invited a second time.

Despite Stephen’s biting remark, Nicholas took it in his stride and jokingly responded that he will give the director “more screen time”, and also “save money for a longer shoot”.

Following the banter between the two, Taiwanese actress Shu Qi responded to Nicholas over Weibo on behalf of her husband Stephen, and told the singer he was being “overly courteous” about it as the two are still good friends.

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