Stephen Chow looks “70” in recent photo

The 55-year-old’s aged appearance shocked many of his fans


Veteran Hong Kong comedy actor Stephen Chow was photographed recently with Zhao Ming, the president of Chinese telecommunications company Huawei’s Honor Business Unit, when the two met up to share and discuss the latest technological gadgets.

After their meet-up, photos of the pair were circulated over the Internet, with netizens expressing their shock at Stephen’s “old” appearance.

Besides sporting a head of white hair, the 55-year-old actor also appeared thinner and gaunt-looking.

“It’s hard to believe, but he looks like a 70-year-old man,” one commenter wrote. Another compared him to fellow actor Tony Leung, who is also 55 this year, and claimed that he was a far cry from the latter’s youthful appearance.

However, not all the comments were negative, with some fans expressing their support for the actor. “In my heart, he will always look his best, the way he did in his movies,” they wrote.

Photo: PBE Media

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