Stephen Chow is not married

A former reporter claimed that the Hong Kong director-actor recently tied the knot


Hong Kong director Stephen Chow has had a long and illustrious career in showbiz since his debut in 1980, earning the nickname ‘God of Comedy’. However, the 57-year-old has seemingly remained single since breaking up with his longtime girlfriend in 2010.

On July 15, a former entertainment reporter based in Hong Kong made a startling revelation on his personal Weibo account. While answering netizens' questions, he was asked about how he thinks a Stephen Chow movie would fare at the box office.

In response, he wrote, “With the encouragement of his new wife, Stephen’s fighting spirit will reignite once more. After being starved of Stephen’s acting for a number of years, the audience will definitely be excited. I believe that the box office takings will soar.”

After reading his reply, many took it to mean that Stephen had tied the knot in secret, with a number sending their blessings and well-wishes to the director. However, some remained skeptical of the former reporter’s words. “If Stephen’s really married, then you should post some evidence to back your claims,” one wrote, only to be replied with a simple, “(There’s) no ‘if' about it.”

However, the words of the former reporter were soundly denied by Stephen’s assistant. 

“It's fake. I hope that media outlets will stop trying to attract attention on Weibo by making use of (Stephen’s) fame,” the assistant replied, when asked to comment on the matter.

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