Stephen Chow gets dragged into Cecilia Cheung baby daddy debate

The tabloids are churning out possible identities of the actress’ third child non-stop

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Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung confirmed last month that she had indeed given brith to her third child, nicknamed ‘Little Prince’, after weeks of speculation. Even before her confirmation, tabloids have been going into overdrive trying to find out the identity of her child’s father, with some speculating that her beau is a wealthy 65-year-old Singaporean, along with rumours that she gave birth in order to signal a new chapter to her life.

The 38-year-old has largely kept mum over the speculation, only stepping up to shut down specific allegations, such as the rumour that she had gotten back and had another baby with her ex-husband, Nicholas Tse. She also denied that the father of her baby is Chinese showbiz magnate Sun Dong Hai, whom is close to Nicholas’ father, Patrick Tse.

However, that has only made the tabloids even more determined to find out the truth behind the entire matter, as Hong Kong outlets claimed that the mystery man is none other than director-actor Stephen Chow.

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The reports claimed that hospital staff had confirmed this personally, and that paternity tests had further backed up claims. In response to these rumours, Cecilia’s work studio uploaded a short statement. “Please refrain from spreading false news. It seems like we’ve been saying ‘it’s fake’ once too often (these days).” It was accompanied by a screenshot of the videos with alleged evidence of Cecilia and Stephen’s relationship, with some even claiming to have photos of the pair’s wedding photoshoot.

Netizens have become less tolerant of the speculations as the days go by, with some of the comments reading, “This topic makes me laugh. How many baby daddies do you want to come up with?” and “This is beyond ridiculous”.

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