Stephen Chow, Cecilia Cheung promote remake of 'King of Comedy'

The remake will premiere over the Chinese New Year holidays in China and Hong Kong

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Chinese actor-director Stephen Chow’s 1999 classic, King of Comedy, is fondly remembered by many. It also gave Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung her first award nomination for Best New Performer.

After 20 years, the duo is set to reunite for a remake of King of Comedy, titled The New King of Comedy. Set to premiere over the Chinese New Year holidays in China and Hong Kong next month, Stephen and Cecilia are stepping up promotional activities for the film, appearing at a press event earlier this week.

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Dressed in casual outfits, the pair gamely recreated their iconic poses from two scenes in the original film, bringing fans of King of Comedy down memory lane. Netizens' responses to the pictures were largely positive, with some commenting on Stephen’s change over the last 20 years, noting the 55-year-old's full head of grey hair.

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Stephen was recently speculated to be the father of Cecilia’s third child, a baby boy nicknamed ‘Little Prince’. However, the rumours were swiftly shot down by Cecilia’s work studio.

Photos: PBE Media

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