Stefanie Sun sets up ‘Immensely Beautiful’ work studio

The singer’s work studio was named after the last track ‘Immense Beauty’ in her latest album


Local singer Stefanie Sun released her 13th album A Dancing Van Gogh last November (Nov 9). Her last album was 2014’s Kepler, after giving birth to her first child in 2012.

Yesterday, the music video of her song ‘Immense Beauty’ was released; the song paints a picture of meeting at a wheat field, inspired by Van Gogh’s painting Wheatfield with Crows.

The 39-year-old singer revealed that ‘Immense Beauty’ was the first track produced since the opening of her new work studio, which led to her naming the studio after it. She also shared that the track would be ‘immensely beautiful’ as a closing track for her album.

In contrast to the title track of the album in the same title, A Dancing Van Gogh, where she expressed rationality and craziness through the dramatic track, Immense Beauty is a tender ballad which introduces a sense of hope.

Stefanie spent three whole days working on the lyrics of Immense Beauty, until she was satisfied with the end product. She then flew to Iceland to film the music video.


Despite being met with bad weather – she made the crew laugh when she attempted to “part the clouds” with hand gestures and also invited everyone to ‘blow the clouds away’ together – the filming ended well with scenic shots of Iceland portrayed aesthetically in the music video.

Stefanie will promote A Dancing Van Gogh in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. The singer will hold promotions for her album in Hong Kong tomorrow (Feb 3), followed by promotions and a meet-and-greet in Singapore on February 10.

The singer also recently shared the good news that she was expecting her second child.

Photos: Stefanie Sun/Facebook

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