The star-studded amfAR Gala Hong Kong 2019 was held on March 25, with celebrities from all over the world such as Rosamund Kwan, Carina Lau, Michelle Yeoh, EXO's Lay (also known as Zhang Yi Xing), Choi Jin Hyuk, Ha Ji Won, Heidi Klum, and many more in attendance.

Rosamund said that because she was told that she had gained weight at a previous event, so she had been trying to slim down. When asked if she was losing weight for a potential love interest, she laughed and said, "Keeping fit is a lifelong goal of mine."

Last month, Michelle suffered a leg injury from a bad fall and had to be rushed to the hospital to receive stitches. She assured everyone that she is recovering well, and that the stitches were removed very recently. She also said that her injury did not affect filming for Star Trek: Discovery, as the wound can easily be covered up using special effects.

The actress then revealed that her partner Jean Todt was so worried about her injury that he was close to tears, because the wound was so deep.

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