Sonia Sui’s daughter asserts her independence

The model-actress laughed that she was taken aback by her 2-year-old’s behaviour


Taiwanese model-actress Sonia Sui’s daughter, 2-year-old Lucy, seems to have entered her ‘Terrible Twos’ phase in a different way – by deciding to head over to her grandparent’s house on her own.

Yesterday, Sonia shared a number of pictures of her two older kids, Lucy and 3-year-old Max, reaching out to touch a large lizard at a park, with the caption, “Miss Lucy, who just turned two, has decided today that she’ll head over to her grandma and grandpa’s house on her own to camp outside, this day has arrived way too early”.

Sharing that she was taken aback, Sonia revealed that Lucy, who had just gotten bitten by a dog the day before, had no qualms about reaching out to touch the lizard. 


Upon seeing Sonia’s post, fans couldn’t help but to comment, “Is Mama overly sensitive? Lucy jiejie has indeed grown up,” and “Lucy looks too cute!”.

Sonia Sui and her husband, businessman Tony Hsieh, registered their marriage in January 2015 and welcomed their first child, Max, in the same year. Slightly over a year later, the couple welcomed their second child, Lucy, followed by another baby boy, Olie, in December 2018.

Photos: PBE Media

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