Sonia Sui reveals that she was in labour for 16 hours

The model-actress’s pelvis was too narrow, causing her third child Olie’s collarbone to have a fracture

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Taiwanese model-actress Sonia Sui welcomed her third child, a baby boy named Olie, in December last year. Since then, the 38-year-old has been recuperating at her confinement centre, which she has turned into an office of sorts, as she works on material for her own fashion brand, SUITANGTANG.

Today (Jan 11), she shared on her Facebook page that she has been discharged from the confinement centre, and that she can finally head home. Sonia then went on to recount her labour process for Olie, sharing that all three of her children were born via natural birth. However, she decided to skip the epidural for Olie this time, as she believed that she could stand the pain. 

At that time, Sonia even joked that she’ll be “back for lunch” after giving birth, only to end up being in labour for 16 hours, and returning to the ward the next morning instead.

“During the process, everything that could be done to induce birth was done. I watched the doctor finish his breakfast, and then his lunch, and even his dinner. As he stood in the delivery room with nothing to do, my labour continued slowly, with a jolt of pain, and then nothing, again and again,” Sonia wrote.

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In the final hour before Olie finally came out, Sonia could not help but to yell, “Can someone come over and squeeze my stomach (so Olie can come out quickly)?” However, right when Olie’s head finally popped out, his “shoulders were stuck, they’re so broad that he can play rugby in the future,” Sonia joked.

In the end, after 16 hours of labour, Olie, who weighed 3.7 kg at birth, was born. As Sonia’s pelvis was too narrow, the force of the labour caused Olie’s collarbone to have a fracture.

Sonia also shared that Tony, her husband, couldn’t help but to say that “the image of Olie’s head between your two legs is a little terrifying”.

Additionally, Tony also posted a picture of Olie on his Instagram, with fans commenting that Olie looks exactly like Tony, from his eyes to his nose.

Sonia and Tony registered their marriage in 2015. Their first child, Max, was born in Singapore in 2015, and their second child, Lucy, was born two years later in 2017.

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