Sonia Sui opens up about son’s oldest child syndrome

She admitted that she worries for Max, whom she feels misses the time when his parents’ attention was all on him

sonia sui max jealousy

Sonia Sui tied the knot with Tony Chia in January 2015 after a whirlwind romance and welcomed her first child, a son, in September of the same year. Her son, Max, was showered with attention from his parents for a good year-and-a-half, until his baby sister, Lucy, was born in February last year.

Since then, it seems that Max has yet to fully get used to sharing his parents’ attention and affections with a sibling. Sonia, who often shares snippets of her family life on her social media platforms, posted an update on August 25, where she mused about the matter.

“Even though (Max) doesn’t feel a strong sense of loss about not having his parents’ full attention at times, but when I see him gradually realising that having a partner to play with is a happy thing, I see the relationship between (the siblings) get better. I feel myself getting happier as they get closer,” she wrote in her post.

Accompanying it were numerous photos of Max and Lucy holding hands and having fun together, as the 3-year-old boy clearly looked to enjoy the company of his younger sister.

The mother-of-two previously admitted that while she wants a third child, she will be putting her plans on hold as Max still shows signs of jealousy towards his younger sister. Adding that she is fearful that her firstborn might not be able to accept it if yet another child joins the brood, she maintained that she will have to get Max’s stamp of approval before she puts her plan in motion.

Netizens who have experienced similar issues when they had their second child assured Sonia that things will get better in time, adding that the small age gap between Max and Lucy would also mean that they will be able to grow up together. Others added that Max is likely to be an overprotective older brother when the both of them grow up, adding that they would love to see that happening in the coming years.

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