Sonia Sui on “cheapskate” accusation: I’ve said all that needs to be said

The model-actress was accused of "ghosting" a postpartum nurse when asked for payment.


Last week, a postpartum nurse in her 70s went to the media, accusing Taiwanese model-actress Sonia Sui of being a "cheapskate" and refusing to pay up after engaging the services of the nurse two years ago.

At that time, the nurse had shared that Sonia seemed to be dissatisfied with her services after a number of sessions two years ago. Thus, the nurse decided not to charge Sonia for the sessions out of goodwill. However, after finding out that Sonia had allegedly badmouthed her services in an interview, the nurse decided to request for Sonia to make payment in early September. When she did not receive a reply after waiting for weeks, the nurse decided to go public with her story.

Sonia’s manager later made a statement in response to the report, sharing that they had indeed replied the nurse and asked for her bank account number, but the nurse did not reply, delaying the payment. Sonia later made a clarification on her social media accounts as well.

During an event appearance yesterday (October 3), the model-actress was asked yet again about the accusation, to which she replied with a bitter laugh, “If it’s an issue where only one party gets to share their side of the story, then it’s just gossip. There are other issues in the world that are more worthy of our attention compared to such gossip.”

She continued, “For this issue, my stand [and] everything that needs to be said has been said. I left [the nurse] some leeway as well. What should’ve been done has been done. There’s nothing more that I can do.”

When asked if the nurse had tried to meet up with her after the reports, Sonia shook her head, and questioned why the nurse would need to meet her. 

The 38-year-old shared that she was not emotionally affected by the accusation. She also revealed that she has plans to travel to Iceland with her husband Tony Hsieh in the near future, and that she has been “doing loads of homework” to prepare for the trip.

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