Sonia Sui is “addicted” to giving birth

The mother-of-three has expanded her family quickly by giving birth to three children in the past four years

sonia sui

Taiwanese actress Sonia Sui and her husband, Tony Hsieh, registered their marriage in January 2015 and welcomed their first child, Max, in the same year. Slightly over a year later, the couple welcomed their second child, Lucy, followed by another baby boy, Olie, in December 2018.

The rapid expansion of her family has seen many netizens calling her a ‘super mum’ for being able to cope with her parenting duties while juggling her workload at the same time.

On January 13, Sonia posted a photo of herself three years ago, where she had her hair up in a ponytail while gently drying off a baby’s hair. She wrote, “I just saw this ad I shot three years ago and couldn’t help but laugh, because three years later, I’m still bathing a little baby like this every day. I feel like I’ve dropped into a vortex where I’ve been living exactly the same way for the past three years…”

However, it seems that the mother-of-three has no complaints about having her parenting duties taking up most of her time, as she added the hashtag ‘Babies are really the biggest carriers of happiness” to the end of her post.

She also hinted that all three babies were planned pregnancies, which caused many to wonder if the 38-year-old is addicted to giving birth, and if the couple plans to expand their brood.

Photos: PBE Media

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