Sonia Sui confirms plans to migrate to USA

This comes after her previous comments of wanting to retire from showbiz made headlines

sonia sui usa retirement

Earlier this month, Sonia Sui’s comments on talkshow Si Duan Hong Ren Hui made headlines when the mother-of-two declared that she has plans to retire from showbiz soon, with many of her fans worrying that the actress would give up on her career in entertainment entirely.

She later clarified that instead of giving up on her career entirely, she will instead balance both her personal and work lives, but maintained that her family will come first for her.

Sonia made a public appearance on August 14, where she was once again asked about her comments and plans for the future. There, she admitted that while “it’s too early for me to talk about retiring”, she does intend to relocate to North America.

The 37-year-old let on that her businessman husband, Tony Chia, has his work based over there, but chooses to jet back to Taiwan for two to three weeks a month in order to spend time with his family. He relies on video conferences to complete his work while he’s halfway across the world, which Sonia said is too taxing on him. She added that she is worried that he won’t be able to maintain this schedule down the road, and that her decision to move to the USA is partly because of this.

As for when she intends to make the big move, she shared that she and Tony have yet to decide on a fixed time frame. “The most important is our children’s education. We hope that their primary and secondary education can be completed in the US,” Sonia said.

Adding that the soonest that this will take place is three years later, she went on to say that she is unlikely to become a full-time mother. “(If I don’t work), I’ll feel like I’m worthless and I won’t feel secure,” she mused. “From the day I graduated and stepped into society, I’ve never stopped (working) and I’m someone who doesn’t know how to stay in one place. I’ll definitely allocate time for both my family and my career (…) Even if I move to the US, as long as there are good scripts, I’ll still take on those projects.”

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