Taiwanese actress Sonia Sui and her husband Tony Chia attended a promotional event for a bag brand together in Taipei on August 14.

Tony often works from home and has online meetings with his American colleagues. Sonia revealed, "He dresses like a newscaster in a suit from the waist up, but when you look below... he doesn't even carry a briefcase!"

Tony is a romantic husband, and often hides small notes in Sonia's suitcase when she has to go overseas for work. "Sometimes he only draws a smiley face on the note, but such a simple gesture can make me feel so warm," she gushed, admitting that she's not as romantic as him. "What I can do is to take care of our home, take care of our children and give him whatever he needs."

It was rumoured that Sonia will leave showbiz to live in America with her husband. However, she denied the reports and clarified, "It's too soon for me to stop working. I will have no sense of security without work and without earning my own money." However, there are definite plans to settle down in the United States in the future, but it will not happen for another three years at least.

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