Sonia Sui is still nimble at 8 months pregnant

She is still “fast as lightning” in her third trimester of pregnancy

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If you have seen the video of Sonia Sui running around the park with her two kids, Max and Lucy, the Taiwanese model-actress and now fashion entrepreneur hardly looks eight months pregnant.

Even Sonia’s husband, Tony Hsieh, found it hard to believe and captioned his video as such: “8 months pregnant but still fast as lightning.”

In the video, Sonia’s kids can be seen chasing after her as they played catch at Dahu Park in Taipei’s Neihu district. She jumped around, narrowly missing the clutches of her son and daughter, with no bulging belly in sight.

sonia sui pregnant

The third time mum-to-be retained her modelesque figure and barely looked pregnant in her short baby doll frock which was teamed with a pair of shorts and white sneakers. Sonia’s limbs were just as slim and did not seem to suffer from water retention problems that are commonly seen in most pregnant mummies during their final trimester.

This is not the first time her ‘slim’ pregnant figure has caught the attention of netizens. The 37-year-old did a photoshoot in Europe for her clothing label in August when she was in her second-and-going-on-third trimester and did not look pregnant in her fitted skirts.

Sonia and her husband announced that they were expecting a third baby ‘Ollie’ when they explained why Max and Lucy were not travelling with them during their babymoon.

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