Song Seung Hoon, Liu Yifei break up

The pair started dating in 2015 and were plagued with numerous breakup rumours during their two-year relationship


Back in August 2015, the birth of a new power couple – Song Seung Heon and Liu Yifei – dominated headlines for days as the Korean-Chinese couple made waves.

With their immense star power also came numerous rounds of rumours about their relationship being on the rocks, which were also fuelled by the actors’ respective posts on social media.

As such, it came as no surprise when another round of speculation that the pair had split made the headlines this morning, with Korean reports claiming that the couple’s relationship suffered due to the Hallyu ban that China imposed, and that they “naturally” broke up due to the stress faced by both parties.


In response, Seung Heon’s agency stepped up to confirm that the pair had indeed broken up, but clarified that the reason that was initially given was false. Sharing that the pair broke up due to their respective busy schedules, they went on to say that this involved the stars’ personal lives and that they did not request for more details on the matter.

Last month, Yifei was confirmed to be the first Chinese celebrity to star in a mainstream Hollywood movie after her casting in the live action remake of Mulan was announced, while Seung Heon has been busy with filming both movies and dramas.

Photos: Song Seung Heon/Weibo, Liu Yifei/Weibo

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