Song Seung Heon wants a flash marriage

Song Seung Heon revealed that he would like to “follow in Won Bin and Lee Na Yeong’s footsteps and have a flash marriage”

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After South Korean actor Song Seung Heon’s agency confirmed his relationship with Chinese actress-singer Liu Yifei last week, he spoke about marriage in an interview at a promotional event a few days ago.

The 38-year-old explained that he has definitely thought about it and said he’s “looking forward to marrying ‘the one’ and being with her every day”.

He continued to say, “I hope to be able to follow in Won Bin and Lee Na Yeong’s footsteps and have a flash marriage.” (His Autumn in My Heart co-star Won Bin just announced his actress wife Lee Na Yeong’s pregnancy last week (August 3) after they secretly tied the knot on May 30)

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The news of Seung Heon’s interest in having a flash marriage caused netizens to roar with excitement and express their anticipation for more good news from the couple soon.

They left comments online such as: “You two match each other very well”, “Your children will definitely be very good looking” and “Seung Heon wants to get married already. Yifei, quick, say yes!”

Seung Heon and Yifei both starred in romance film The Third Way of Love and according to his agency, they have “just started dating”. Seung Heon even revealed that he “really wants to get married” at actor Bae Yong Joon’s wedding.


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