Korean actress Song Hye Kyo is the epitome of Korean beauty. Debuting at the tender age of 14, she has spent over two decades in the spotlight. Despite the intense schedules that come hand-in-hand with the fast-paced entertainment industry, the 37-year-old has managed to stay as youthful-looking as ever, as she proved during a recent visit to Singapore for the launch of Sulwhasoo’s Bloomstay Vitalizing Line.

Looking noticeably different from her recent drama, Encounter, in which she sported a trendy short crop, Hye Kyo’s hair has grown out since then. It was perhaps with her longer tresses which, coupled with her flowy dress, made her look like she walked straight out of a fairytale.

During the press conference, she shared that the secret to her enviably good skin – apart from inheriting superior genes from her mother, that is – is investing a lot of time into making sure that she gets her skincare right.

Apart from making time for a sheet mask every night, Hye Kyo also tries to pay attention to what she puts on her skin, as she mused, “They say that the effort that you put into looking after your skin in your 20s only shows up in your 30s, and so on. When I heard that, I started on my skincare regimen when I was even younger.”

Unfortunately, the floor wasn’t open to the media to ask questions this time around, and important questions such as, “Do you trade skincare tips with your equally baby-faced husband, Song Joong Ki?” weren’t able to be asked.

Well, there’s always next time.

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Photos: Sulwhasoo​​​​​​​