So You Wanna Dress Like A 939-year-old Goblin?

Get ready to fork out a lot of dough if you want to look like Korea’s current It actor Gong Yoo.

Just when you were done wrapping your head around the idea of a 400-year-old alien (My Love from Another Star) and a mermaid (Legend of the Blue Sea) trying to assimilate into our world, here comes a stylo mylo 939-year-old goblin out-dressing us all. Aren’t goblins supposed to be hideous? Not if you’re one in a K-drama. Gong Yoo, 37, stars as the titular character in the super popular drama Goblin, where he has to find a human bride (played by Kim Go Eun) to break his curse of immortality. He’s roomies with Lee Dong Wook’s equally-fashionable grim reaper (no, seriously). If there’s something we’ve learnt from the drama, it’s that you’re never too old to play dress-up — Gong Yoo’s stylish outfits in Goblin have created major wardrobe envy in Korea, causing designer togs to fly off the racks faster than at a Black Friday sale. 

While Gong Yoo’s togs in the drama are mostly haute couture, Dong Wook’s wardrobe is made up of obscure Korean brands. Here, Gong Yoo is in a $2,800 Lanvin coat while Dong Wook’s jacket from Juun.J costs a measly $60. Did Dong Wook offend the wardrobe people or what?

What he’s wearing: A double-breasted coat from Lanvin
How much? $5,590 

What he’s wearing: A heritage trench coat from Burberry
How much? $3,795 

What he’s wearing: A wool cloak from Giorgio Armani
How much? $3,010

What he’s wearing: A fringed hem coat from Givenchy
How much? $2,194

Lee Dong Wook shows that you don’t need a lot of cash to look like a million bucks. 

What he’s wearing: A checked jumper from Christopher Kane and a shirt from Sewing Boundaries
How much? $391 + $117 = $508

What he’s wearing: A sweatshirt from MSKN2ND
How much? $78

What he’s wearing: A striped coat from Am.we
How much? $835

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