It’s been almost a week since Lin Chi-ling’s wedding last weekend, but the buzz around her nuptials is far from dying down. Photos of the Taiwanese model-actress and her husband Akira returning to Taipei hand in hand circulated wildly on social media, with many remarking that the newlyweds are a match made in heaven.

On November 20, Akira updated his Facebook page with photos of their wedding, and thanked his fans in messages written in Mandarin, Japanese and English.

He started off his post with, “To all who shared your wedding wishes with us, we truly appreciate your blessings (…) We chose Tainan for our wedding (venue) because it’s where (her parents) got married back then and for her it is a place filled with wonderful memories with her family and grandmother.”

The 38-year-old added, “We are determined to remain responsible to each other as well as share the joy while we walk hand in hand as a couple. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people throughout Asia and people who supported us at work and most of all, our friends and family.”

The Japanese actor-singer then ended the post with, “We will continue to devote ourselves (to each other) so that we can build a connection full of love which transcends cultural and language barriers.” He also signed off on behalf of the both of them and chose to use his birth name, Ryohei Kurosawa instead of his stage name.

Netizens marvelled at how good he is with languages, adding that his choice to use Chinese to start off his post shows how determined he is to improve his language skills to be able to communicate with Chi-ling’s family and friends.

The photos that he uploaded also gave netizens a closer look at their wedding, including the thousands of people who lined the streets outside the Wu Ancestral Hall in Tainan. Traffic police were also seen outside the venue to ensure that traffic was not disrupted by the immense crowds.

Taiwanese host Mickey Huang also revealed at an event this week that hotel occupancy rates in Tainan spiked to almost 80 per cent during their weekend, with many hotel staff expressing their surprise that people from outside of Tainan would travel in just for the wedding.

Chi-ling and Akira met while working on musical Red Cliff -Love- eight years ago, and remained friends since then. It was only last year where their relationship evolved into something more, and the pair decided to tie the knot after half a year of dating.

Photos: AKIRA/Facebook

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