So Long, Mary Tyler Moore

The star of the iconic The Mary Tyler Moore Show passed away aged 80, prompting an outpouring of social media tributes from Britney Spears to Oprah Winfrey.

Mary Tyler Moore, the actress whose big, welcoming smile made the world a happier place, passed away on Wednesday (Jan 25). She was 80. Her death, it's been reported, was caused by cardiopulmonary arrest after she had contracted pneumonia. Mary was best known for her role as the spunky Mary Richards on the hit '70s sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show, where she played a single and independent career woman way ahead of her time. The show has been hailed as one of the most ground-breaking TV shows of all time and has been called the first modern woman's sitcom. One can argue that without Mary Richards, there would be no Tina Fey's Liz Lemon. Heck, there would probably be no Tina Fey. Many stars have taken to social media to mourn her passing, with many calling her an inspiration. 

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