Simon Yam still has to visit the hospital daily despite being discharged a week ago

The actor was attacked by a knife-wielding man on July 20


Hong Kong actor Simon Yam, who was attacked by a knife-wielding man on July 20 at an event in Zhongshan, China, still has to make daily visits to the hospital to get his wounds cleaned despite being discharged a week ago.

The 64-year-old was rushed to a local hospital immediately after the attack, and transferred to a Hong Kong hospital on the very same night.

After undergoing two rounds of surgery, he was discharged on July 24 after spending four days in hospital. He has assured the public that he is well on the road to recovery, and that he has no plans to press charges against his attacker nor seek compensation from the event organisers.

Simon told Hong Kong media in a phone interview after being discharged that the stitches on his right hand have yet to be removed and that his wounds still look swollen. 

His day-to-day activities have also been affected, as he needs his wife Qi Qi’s help for simple tasks like changing his clothes, as well as cleaning himself. His daughter has also taken on the role of chef as she whips up meals for him every day.

The media also asked Simon when he intends to return to work, to which he quipped, “I’m not pressured to start anytime soon!” He is believed to be focusing on his recovery, which might take months, especially for his hand.

The incident has also reminded him that spending time with his family is his priority, and he has now changed his mindset and no longer feels that earning money is that important.

Photos: PBE Media

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