Ella Yam, the 14-year-old daughter of veteran actor Simon Yam and his supermodel wife Qi Qi, has wowed netizens once again with her genetic lottery-winning good looks.

On July 15, the up-and-coming model posted two pictures from behind the scenes of a Vogue Taiwan magazine shoot, which showed off her long slender legs. Even her dad could not help but be amazed, as he revealed at the charity premiere of his new film Little Q in Hong Kong yesterday (Jul 16).

“She definitely inherited her mother’s physique - her legs are longer than mine!” he said with a chuckle. However, the protective father stated that at the moment, he would not encourage his precious little girl to enter the world of showbiz. “It’s not good for young ladies to go hungry and stay up too late. And besides, I also wish to spend more time with her.”

That said, he does not object to her participating in photo shoots every now and then. “She loves to have her picture taken, and it’s a good way to document the different stages of her growth,” he said. “But of course, her studies should be her number one priority.”

Photos: TPG, Instagram/Ella Yam

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