Ella Yam, the only daughter of Hongkong veteran actor Simon Yam and supermodel Qi Qi, may have barely hit puberty, but she’s already towering over the rest of her peers - and some adults. 

The 12-year-old stands at 1.7m-tall, with long, slender limbs that many say were inherited from her statuesque parents (both Mum and Dad are 1.8m-tall). 

And it looks like she also got a love of fashion from Qi Qi, as she reportedly asked her mother to take her to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this year.

The annual runway extravaganza, which took place recently in Shanghai, saw a bevy of hawt top models strut their stuff in the brand's lingerie.

An amused Qi Qi posted on Weibo of her daughter’s request: “My dad, husband and good friends are watching the Victoria’s Secret show, but no one wanted to watch it more than my little Ella. She’s only 12 and too young [to attend the show], and she has school anyway. So we all ended up watching the show [on TV] together as a family.”

Netizens commented on the post saying, “Can’t wait for your little princess to walk on the Victoria’s Secret runway in the future.” Erm, not creepy at all?

MAIN PHOTO: Apple Daily

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