Simon Yam: My mind went blank during the stabbing incident

The only thought in the actor’s mind was to avoid the attacker’s knife


While attending a shop opening ceremony in China last week, Hong Kong actor Simon Yam was attacked by a knife-wielding man, who stabbed Simon in his abdomen.

While his abdomen injuries was relatively minor, as the attacker had not hit any of Simon’s internal organs, the injury on the actor’s hands was severe, with four different nerves in his right hand affected. The 64-year-old subsequently underwent two successful surgeries to repair the damage, and was discharged from the hospital five days ago.

Last Friday (July 26), the actor accepted a media interview, where he recounted the stabbing incident. Simon shared that as the attack was too sudden, he could not recall the events clearly. At that time, his mind went blank, and his only thought was to instinctively avoid the knife of the attacker. After the attacker had been subdued, Simon then realised that he had been stabbed by the attacker in the fiasco. However, he remained calm and collected.

Earlier reports had shared that Simon had sent a voice message to his friends once he got into the car, asking them to help him find hospitals in the area that could treat him. During the interview, Simon confirmed that he had indeed sent the voice message himself, thanking his friends who replied and offered their assistance immediately.


The actor also shared that he did not contact his wife, Chinese supermodel Qi Qi even after he was sent to the hospital. Instead, Qi Qi learnt that he had been attacked through after reading the news reports. 

However, when Qi Qi tried to call him, her call could not be connected. In a panic, Qi Qi then called Simon’s assistants, where she found out that her husband had been hospitalised. Although she was panicked at first, she later calmed down, and took on the responsibility of getting Simon transferred from the hospital in China to one in Hong Kong. Even when she visited Simon in the hospital later, Qi Qi did not display any signs of the earlier panic that had engulfed her, resolutely handling all the hospital arrangements for her husband.

Simon also shared that he will not be pressing charges against his attacker, nor will he be seeking compensation from the event organisers. 

Finally, Simon shared that he has realised the importance of spending time with his family through this incident, and reassured everyone once again that he is well on the road to recovery.

Photos: PBE Media

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