Good news: Simon Yam has been discharged from the hospital, four days after he was stabbed by a knife-wielding attacker at an event in China last Saturday (Jul 20) that left him with wounds on his abdomen and right hand.

Yesterday afternoon (Jul 24), the 64-year-old actor exited the hospital in Hong Kong and was greeted by a large crowd of fans and reporters. Although his right arm was still in a sling, he appeared to be in good spirits and thanked everyone for their concern and well-wishes.

His wife, supermodel Qi Qi, also shared her thoughts on Weibo, writing, “The past few days have been long and difficult for us, fortunately, the positive and optimistic Simon gave us confidence and strength. Today he has been discharged, and we’re going home.”

She then thanked a long list of people, including the hospital staff who had taken care of Simon, friends and family members who had supported and encouraged them, the staff and chairman Albert Yeung of Simon’s management company Emperor Entertainment Group, and the media.

“We will continue with his treatments, and I believe Simon will be back to meet everyone again in no time.”

Have a speedy recovery, Simon!

Photos: TPG

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