A wrap party for new film Little Q was held in Hong Kong on February 12, with several of its stars - human and canine alike - in attendance.

Simon Yam, who plays a blind man in the movie, had to wear special contact lenses that concealed over 50 per cent of his vision in order to give a more realistic portrayal. He admitted that wearing the contacts often made him feel scared and helpless, and expressed his hope that the film will help to raise more awareness for the visually impaired and their guide dogs.

Gigi Leung shared that her daughter was very happy to be able to see so many puppies when she came to visit the set, and asked Gigi if they could adopt one. "I told her that we already have a big dog at home, and that the puppies will also grow up to become very big one day, so she gave up," she said.

With Valentine's Day approaching, Simon revealed that he plans to get flowers and a present for his teenage daughter Ella. "She enjoys jogging, so I bought her a pair of running shoes from Austria," he said.

As for Gigi, she is preparing to celebrate the occasion with her husband and daughter. "We can't bear to leave out our 'little lover'," she said. "We usually have to wait until she goes to sleep before we can enjoy some couple time alone."

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