Shu Qi to take a break from acting

The Taiwanese actress wanted to focus on her health

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Taiwanese actress Shu Qi got the internet buzzing last night after she announced that she was going to be taking a “temporary break from acting.”

An image of her cat was uploaded onto her Weibo, along with the caption “I will be taking a break from acting, thank you for all your love and support, see you soon.”

Speculations that the 41-year-old actress, who got married last September, was pregnant soon followed, with netizens claiming that she wanted to stay home and rest. Others said that she was planning to follow in her husband Stephen Fung’s directing footsteps, while some felt that she simply wanted to stay out of the limelight.

Shu Qi has stepped out and explained that she merely wanted a break after 21 years of being in the industry, and intended to focus on her health. She felt that now was the right time as she had just finished filming for her upcoming 2019 movie, Shanghai Fortress.

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Left picture: Shu Qi had an allergic reaction on her eyelids on the day of the 54th Golden Horse Awards

“How did my simple statement get so out of hand? I merely wanted to rest after wrapping up my movie so please do not think too much of it. I have also had allergies on my face for a while now which kept swelling, and would not go down so I have to treat it before appearing on camera again. In addition, the doctors have also asked me to take it easy. This is just a break, not a retirement,” the actress said.

The actress has always been struggling with her skin allergies, which tends to flare up whenever she’s busy or stressed, causing her face to break out in red spots and swell. She recently suffered a break out on the day of the Golden Horse Awards and posted a picture of her inflamed eyelids after the awards ceremony.

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