Shu Qi takes a tumble on stage due to wet weather

Fortunately, the actress has since recovered from her big fall


Taiwanese actress Shu Qi was the guest of honour at a promotional event in Shanghai yesterday (June 18), which was slightly marred due to the wet weather.

Unfortunately, as the 43-year-old was making her way up onto the stage, she took a tumble, to the surprise of everyone around her. The actress, who was wearing three-inch heels, seemed to have slipped on the wet steps.

Immediately after her fall, security guards and the event host scrambled to help Shu Qi up. Then, accompanied by them, she slowly made her way to the centre of the stage. 

After the event, pictures of the actress’s fall started making the rounds online. As Shu Qi appeared to have fallen flat on the ground, many expressed their worry for the actress, wondering if she was all right.

Those who were present at the event later revealed that Shu Qi maintained a cheery disposition throughout the rest of her time there, and said that she was feeling “not bad” when asked about her current state. Towards the end, Shu Qi took off her heels before making her way off stage.

After the event, she took to her Weibo to repost a post by the event organiser, adding, “Grateful for your care”. She also made a separate post with more pictures of her outfit that night with the caption, “Have a great day”, hinting that there was nothing to worry about.


Photos: PBE Media

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