Shu Qi shows her love for Stephen Fung on his birthday

Possibly the most public declaration of love made by Shu Qi to Stephen Fung

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Hong Kong actor-director Stephen Fung turned 43 yesterday (August 9) and his wife, Shu Qi sent her blessings and wishes on social media with pictures of them smiling happily, and celebrating with roses and champagne.

She wrote a mushy message to Stephen and posted it on Facebook and Instagram after the clock struck 12. The Hong Kong actress hoped he would always “stay healthy” and take care of himself even with his busy schedule so that is able “to return and spend quality time” with her. The concerned wife also advised him not to take too much sugar and wished that he could stay healthy, happy and safe always.

During a recent TV appearance on Dee Hsu’s variety show, Stephen revealed that they rarely quarrel and said that he has always thought of her as a great woman. When asked why he wears his wedding ring all the time, he replied that simply looking at it would make him happy.

Shu Qi and Stephen got married in September last year after dating for four years. An online rant on Weibo in June by Shu Qi sparked rumors that their marriage was on the rocks but these were dispelled yesterday by her posts and also by their behavior with each other at the premiere of their movie The Adventurers, where they shared several cosy moments together, and it was evident that the couple had nothing but love for each other.

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