Shu Qi has a new “love rival”

The actress posted a video of her husband serenading her pet cat with a love song


Celebrity couple Shu Qi and Stephen Fung have always been low-key about their relationship. Their marriage announcement was made with a simple post on Weibo, and the couple chose to do away with a wedding banquet, opting to do just a photoshoot.

Recently, the actress uploaded a short clip online, where Stephen can be seen, strumming a guitar and crooning a love song. However, the subject of his affections was not Shu Qi. Instead, the director was serenading the actress’s pet cat.

But, it seems that Shu Qi’s cat was not too impressed by Stephen’s expression of love. Throughout the video, the only movement from the cat was a slight turn of its head from left to right, with its eyes fixed solely on the camera.

The video was very well-received by the couple’s fans, with many laughing at Stephen’s antics. “Why aren’t you singing to your wife Shu Qi instead? Don’t you know that cats are the one animal that’s more arrogant than women?,” one asked jokingly.

Shu Qi and Stephen tied the knot in 2016.

Photos: PBE Media

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