Shu Qi, Anita Yuen speak up against digitally whitened photos

The two actresses had less-than-favourable responses to fans who had edited their pictures


Taiwanese actress Shu Qi has never been one to mince her words, be it online, or during interviews.  

Last Saturday (March 9), a fan uploaded a series of pictures of Shu Qi during a photoshoot. Captioned, “(After) editing the colours a bit, I (was so awed by the pictures) that I cried out,” the edited pictures gave the actress a pinker skin tone, and she looked to be several shades lighter than usual. 


Shortly after, Shu Qi left a comment on the fan’s post, writing, “Why don’t you become a fan of a Caucasian (instead)?,” showing her displeasure at the edited photos.

The 42-year-old’s comment quickly gained traction among fans. Many supported the actress for making a stand against those who digitally edit photos to make the subjects appear fairer than they are in real life.


Soon enough, netizens also found an old post made by Hong Kong actress Anita Yuen in 2017. In the post, the actress had attached a selfie of herself at home. 

Just like with Shu Qi, a fan had taken it upon himself to edit Anita’s skin tone with the help of an mobile application. The fan then posted the end result in a comment on Anita’s original post. However, Anita was not a fan of the edited picture, leaving a comment of a vomiting emoji to show her disapproval.

Photos: Shu Qi/Weibo, Anita Yuen/Weibo

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