Show Luo thanks girlfriend on Weibo

The singer-actor's girlfriend, Grace Chow, went to great lengths to promote his new movie

show luo

Taiwanese singer-actor Show Luo showed off his romantic side once again on Friday as he took to social media to thank his Chinese blogger girlfriend, Grace Chow, for her continuous support.

It was reported that Grace had put in a lot of effort to promote Show’s new movie Bleeding Steel, which was released on Friday, Dec 22. The blogger encouraged viewers to leave their feedback, told them to stay and watch the post-credit scenes and even bought tickets for some fans.

Show then took to Weibo to show his gratitude as he thanked her profusely for her support.

“Thank you for inviting fans to my movie and helping me to promote it. I know that you like to keep a low profile so I appreciate that you would actually go to the cinema and surprise fans by getting them tickets and taking pictures with them. Thank you for all your hard work; you're the best," Show wrote.

Grace then replied “I'm happy because I'm able to do something for you, and I think that’s the most important.”

Show had previously kept his love life out of the spotlight and only admitted to his relationship with Grace after the pair was spotted vacationing in Tokyo in 2014. Since then, they have been vocal about their affection for one another, especially on social media.

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