Show Luo surprises with “no girlfriend” comment

He recently guested with Linda Chien on variety show 100% Entertainment


Show Luo and Linda Chien, also known as Hu Die Jie Jie recently traded their emcee positions on Taiwanese variety show 100% Entertainment and became guest stars for the day. Linda started off the show by singing her new song, after which host William Liang of Lollipop F was halfway through introductions when Show made his appearance unannounced, eliciting laughter when William groused about Show’s bad habit of doing whatever he wants.

The pair guested on the show to promote Linda’s new album, SORRY FOR THE WAIT. Show grilled William on how many copies of her album he ordered, to which he replied that he purchased 20. Calling William stingy, Show still went on to force Linda’s head down to express her gratitude, causing the hosts to remark that Linda “looked like Show’s robot”.

During a game segment, Show had to guess Linda’s answers from the words she was mouthing, but she stopped short from giving an answer when a question about girlfriends was asked. Show’s answer of “no girlfriend” surprised many, with them jumping to the conclusion that he might be having relationship problems with girlfriend Grace Chow.

His immediate clarification, however, put these speculations to rest. “There wasn’t any mention of whose girlfriend you were referring to,” he deadpanned.

Show and Linda were previously embroiled in dating rumours but have denied that they have ever been in a romantic relationship.


Photos: PBE Media

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