Show Luo’s mum steals the spotlight in first variety show appearance

The singer-actor’s 62-year-old mother was a bona fide star on stage.


It looks like we now know where Show Luo may have inherited his star quality from.

The Taiwanese singer-actor’s mother, Lin Hsiang Lan, recently made a surprise appearance on the latest episode of variety show Sing or Spin, and the 62-year-old completely stole the spotlight despite it being her first time on a variety show.

Sing or Spin, which is hosted by Show, Taiwanese singer-actress Ella Chen, and Chinese host Xie Na, invites contestants from all walks of life to appear on the programme, where they have to showcase their singing chops.

Show’s mother gamely took on the challenge, confidently presenting her rendition of a song. As she took to the stage to a burst of applause from the audience, she even blew a number of kisses towards them, to the delight of everyone.

After her performance, she took part in a short interview with the hosts, where she shared a couple of stories about her youth.


Show revealed that his parents used to be part of a band, with his dad taking on the role of drummer and emcee, while his mother was the lead singer. They often performed during special occasions and festivals. At that time, Show’s mother even forbade him from calling her “mum” as she was afraid that the band’s fans would object to it.

She then shared an anecdote from those days, revealing that she once instructed Show to walk further away from her. However, she could not help but to keep turning towards her son, as she was worried about him.

Finally, as the show came to an end, Show’s mother took to the stage once again to sing a second song. This time, she was joined by her son, who accompanied her with a dance performance.


Photos: PBE Media

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