Show Luo has been laying low since getting dumped by Grace Chow, who posted an epic exposé about his philandering ways. Among the many, many women he reportedly had affairs with is his manager, Kini Hsu, who was rumoured to have had a more than professional relationship with the star because of how close they are. 

This scandal took center stage once again on September 30, when Kini announced on her Instagram that she’s now the mother of a baby girl, who's nicknamed Little Rice Cracker.

She wrote: “I’ve always wanted to have a mixed-race baby. A friend recommended me to an amazing doctor from overseas. Five years ago, I’ve been having injections and extracting my eggs. Of course, my body felt really uncomfortable because of all the medication, and I once wanted to give up.”

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已經好久沒有po文了 不曉得大家過得如何? 2020年不是個讓大家太好過的年 但我想分享一件幸福的事 好多年前我就想要生個混血寶寶 透過朋友的介紹認識了很棒的國外醫生 五年前開始 我每個月都打針、取卵 中間當然因為打針吃藥關係身體非常不舒服 曾經有ㄧ度想放棄的念頭 但想到辛苦這麼久 為什麼不再堅持下去呢? 終於 五年後的去年 我終於成功了! 當我跟身邊朋友說的時侯 那些曾經為我心疼的朋友都很羨慕我也很感動 感動我竟然可以在這麼高齡的年紀成功懷孕 實在是非常幸運 2020年 謝謝我的寶貝小米果 謝謝妳願意投胎來當我的女兒 有妳的日子讓我覺得生命是多麼重要 為了保護妳我會更堅強面對所有的困難 只要妳開開心心無憂無慮健康平安長大 分享給大家這個喜訊 也希望所有想成為母親的女人們 不要放棄 上天會看見妳的努力💪🏻

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She continued: “But when I thought about how long I’ve been holding on, I decided to persevere. After five years, I’ve finally succeeded! (…) I want to tell all the ladies who want to become mothers not to give up. The heavens know exactly how hard you’ve worked.”