Show Luo’s girlfriend fires back at haters attacking her “plastic face”

“Do you think I care about the comments of these strangers?”


Taiwanese singer-actor Show Luo went on a Christmas date with his girlfriend, Chinese blogger Grace Chow to Universal Studios Japan and posted pictures of their date on their respective social media pages.

However, Grace’s post received a number of negative comments from netizens, many of whom disparaged the blogger for looking “plastic”, and over-editing her face in the picture.

In reply, Grace made a post on her Weibo account, writing, “Can I ask, what are you worrying about? You’ve known me for so many years, and have seen me getting hate comments because of my looks for so long, do you think I (still) care about the strangers’ comments?” she asked. Grace also added a picture of the view from their train cabin in Japan, commenting that the couple was “very happy” to be on vacation.


Grace has always been open about going under the knife when she was younger, and has admitted that she has done plastic surgery in the past. 

“My self-confidence is natural (though). Even when I was at my fattest, I never felt that I was ugly," she once declared.

When a curious netizen asked why Grace still chose to go for plastic surgery despite claiming to be “full of self-confidence”, she replied, “No matter how rich you are, you’d still think of ways to earn more money. Life is a constant journey of self-improvement”.

Photos: PBE Media

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