Show Luo regrets having Joe Chen as his music video's female lead

The singer laughed that Joe was too good at acting


Taiwanese singer Show Luo may have injured his leg recently, but it’s still full steam ahead for the 39-year-old as he prepares to release his newest album, No Idea, on April 12.

The title track, ‘Luo Zhi Xiang’, was written by Chinese singer Tiger Hu, with filming for the song’s music video having concluded recently.

Starring Taiwanese actress Joe Chen and Show himself, the music video is set to be a theatrical affair, despite its short five-minute run. Show assumes the lead role, playing a manual labourer at a company who’s in charge of transporting goods, while Joe plays the young heiress of said company.


The music video also has a kiss scene between the duo. However, before the kiss scene was filmed, both Joe and Show indulged in braised meat rice and dried cod strips for lunch.

Never one to pass up an opportunity to play a joke, Joe laughingly remarked, “Now this is what I call passion! Quick, pass me some chewing gum!” Playing along, Show quickly followed up with, “Give me a toothbrush!”

After filming concluded, Show shared that he “regrets” working with Joe, to the surprise of many. Sharing that the actress was “too good at acting”, Show let on that he feels regretful because the script was way too simple. He also revealed that during a particular scene, the pair was supposed to embrace each other lovingly. However, they ended up looking like “an old couple patting each other’s backs instead”.

Photos: PBE Media

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