Show Luo is a "successful fanboy" of Takuya Kimura

The Japanese actor thanked Show on Weibo for a gift he had sent over


When Japanese actor Takuya Kimura started his own personal Weibo account in December last year, amongst the many fans rejoicing was Taiwanese singer-actor Show Luo, who has always been a fan of the 46-year-old.

After leaving him a message welcoming the actor to Weibo, Show received an autographed gift as a token of appreciation from Takuya. In order to thank him for the present, Show sent over a T-shirt in return.

Yesterday (May 1), Takuya took to his Weibo to thank Show personally for the gift. “Taiwan's Show Luo left a present for me! I’m wearing it now~! Extremely grateful!,” the post read, with Takuya uploading "proof shots” of himself wearing the tee.


Upon seeing the post, Show immediately left a comment, writing, “Oh my! I feel so good! Hope you like it!”. The 39-year-old’s excited comment caught the attention of many netizens, who laughed that Show is “indeed a successful fanboy now”.

According to reports, Takuya has been updating his Weibo regularly, even getting a professional translator to translate his captions into Chinese.

Photos: PBE Media

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